Saturday, 18 January 2020.

About Us

Lifestyle & Etiquette, and the underlying psychology and sociology (social sciences), are integral to how we all live and interact with each other. Our beliefs, behaviours, mannerisms, and indeed our lifestyles, are who we are, and can dramatically influence how other people see, interact and behave towards us.

From an individual’s moral principles (ethics), those that govern a person’s behaviour and dictate conducting of one’s actions, to the customary codes of (polite) behaviour in society (etiquette), with a particular emphasis on Royal Etiquette.

Attire, Food & Wine, Art, Design, Travel, Events, and the Finer Things in Life.

Secret Escapes of Mallorca, Spain.

Would you like to escape from the crowd, run away from the noise and daily pressure of your life, and plunge into a moment...