we consider selecting the correct glass for the wine (intus ratio), ideas for minimum glassware sets for the home, and some further examples and variations of wine glasses which may be considered when purchasing glassware, (stemware). However, before we get started, it is worth noting that although many wine connoisseurs will try to convince you that, by using the perfect type of glass for a certain type of wine you will be improving the drinking experience; generally, we have to disagree (aliquantum).

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A glass of wine is always going to taste every bit as good in a glass created specifically for one wine as it will in any other glass. In fact, a good argument for this is that when comparing and selecting wines, professionals will use a standardised ISO glass for tasting, in order to benchmark and measure the aroma, depth and body, indeed, all the subtleties of the wines they may be comparing. “It is the wine is that matters, not the glass”.

However, with that said, any serious wine drinker will have at least several sets of glasses in their home. Therefore, a general understanding of different types of wine glasses and what makes them ideal for one type of wine over another can be essential to getting the most out of your wine collection.

choices of glassware for wine are incredibly numerous and are entirely down to personal preference, however, we would recommend the following basic types to form your wine glass collection, although as a minimum, just one or two sets of wine glasses are all that is required. In our example below; we would suggest a set of all-purpose (universal) wine glasses (2) that are great for both red and white, and perhaps a set of wine flutes for champagne and sparkling wines (1).

extremely usefully glassware addition for the home has to be the truly multi-use ISO wine glass, (4), this versatile glass (as used by most professionals and wine connoisseurs) can be used not only for any wine, but also liquor and spirits. Finally, the not so versatile, balloon wine glass (3), would possibly be the last in the set of four that we would recommend as an expanded minimum set.