Friday, May 20, 2022

About Addington’s Style & Etiquette

Addington’s Style & Etiquette was officially launched in September 1990 by Anthony Addington (Anthony James Darren Charles Edward Pellew Addington-Barker) to advance and promote the philosophy, knowledge and education of good manners and proper codes of conduct in social environments, both formal and non-formal situations. In addition to the promotion and enhancement of ideas for positive living, traditions, and the general enrichment of the finer characteristics of life, in order to help improve our ever day quality and experience.

About the founder

Anthony Addington is 5th generation grandson of Henry Addington – Viscount Sidmouth (1805) who was Prime minister of the United Kingdom from 1801 to 1804, and speaker of the house of commons.  Born in Lancaster, United Kingdom in June 1965, Anthony’s initial inspiration for the philosophy of etiquette and the finer elements of living came from his grandmother during early childhood. Being one taught by example passed on through old family traditions and customs, he later also developed a deep interest in the interrelated aspects of behavioural science (social psychology and nonverbal communication) in social groups whilst studying nuclear sciences and reactor engineering at Royal Naval College, Greenwich, then later with the UK Ministry of Defence and BAE Systems Submarines, at the Royal Naval Academy, HMS Sultan, Gosport, United Kingdom.

In addition to Anthony’s family background, his long career working alongside many government, diplomatic, royal, and military institutions, and establishments over the many years, has afforded him with a wealth of knowledge and a desire to pass on his experience, not only those rules which have consistently remained the same over the years, but also those rules of etiquette which continue to evolve and change within the social environment.

“Etiquette is not just about having good manners, respecting others, and knowing what to do in a certain social environment.  It is much broader and deeper, and often has hidden implications.  To some extent or another, it comes into contact with almost every part of our lives, both private and professional – that said, to know and understand the rules of etiquette, can be one of life’s greatest unwritten advantages.”

Anthony Addington.